Hidden Traces – London (2016)

Posted in Urban Interventions

Hidden Traces is a collaboration between Gabriele Reuter and Mattef Kuhlmey. It is a sound journey discovering the streets around The Place. It is a self-guided tour for all ages, tracing the many identities of this ever-changing neighbourhood throughout the past decades and into the present.

Childhood memories of local residents from the 1950s onwards are presented as bite size audio plays, which are placed at carefully spotted locations of nearby buildings and streets.

With the support of The British Library and The Place a range of Oral history interviews has been undertaken and an audio map has been built of how the area has changed, from the war to present day. Many local residents and establishments have been involved in the project, adding their narrative to the layers of history in these streets.

The culmination of these interviews are presented in the curated sound journey Hidden Traces.

This is the second urban history sound installation by choreographer and urbanist Gabriele Reuter and sound designer and composer Mattef Kuhlmey, following a commission of Dance 4 to explore Nottingham’s neighbourhoods Sneinton and St. Ann’s to be presented at Backlit Gallery in September 2014.

Hidden Traces ran throughout the year 2017 at The Place Theatre. A headset and a map were available free of charge during box office hours. The audio walk can be downloaded from the website:

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