Design Thinking

Workshops for social innovation, science and interdisciplinary research
an overview of current workshop and training offers… Read more – ‘Workshops for social innovation, science and interdisciplinary research’.
Future Narratives – Creative Presenting with Future Scenarios
This two-day workshop is aimed at participants who are in concrete planning or implementation phases of their own project ideas. It combines the development of future scenarios of your own project with inputs and key impulses for presenting and pitching. The goal is to acquire a fresh look at your own project within a short […] Read more – ‘Future Narratives – Creative Presenting with Future Scenarios’.
Group Genius – Creative Collaboration & Teambuilding
Collaboration + Improvisation = Innovation. This two-day workshop combines practical impulses from Gabriele’s many years of experience in group improvisation for the stage with movement and spoken word for the stage with the most relevant work approaches and exercises on teambuilding in the field of design thinking. In the spirit of improvisation existing structures, habits […] Read more – ‘Group Genius – Creative Collaboration & Teambuilding’.
Skills Exchange : Onda Convida
Onda Convida is a series of interdisciplinary skills exchange events, each hosted by a guest facilitator whose professional background lays at the intersections between different professional fields. This one-day event aims to create new intersections, foster networking and create touchpoints for collaboration. Thinking beyond pre-existing professions and disciplines is key to find innovative solutions for […] Read more – ‘Skills Exchange : Onda Convida’.
Design Thinking-led facilitation/Coaching
As a multiple career changer in between various artistic and humanities disciplines, with intensive insights into the start-up cultures for social innovation and education, as a pedagogue, mentor and moderator and design-thinker, I see my core competence in interdisciplinary communication and collaboration – in emphatic mediation between worlds. I source my artistic and creative inspiration […] Read more – ‘Design Thinking-led facilitation/Coaching’.