Susi & Gabi’s Salon (2017)
Susi & Gabi’s Salon is a performance format for discussion and exchange between audience and performers – between chaos and plan, play without limits, imprography and choreosation, discovering impossible questions and astonishing answers. In this special edition of their salon, Susanne Martin and Gabriele Reuter devote themselves to the phenomena of contemporary dance and its […] Read more – ‘Susi & Gabi’s Salon (2017)’.
Susi & Gabi’s Salon (2011- ongoing)
100 Fragen an die Improvisation – 100 questions to improvisation In 3 pilot editions in summer 2011 Gabriele Reuter and Susanne Martin have tested their Salon, which then went on to a long journey through many theaters and studios in Berlin and on tour in the UK. In dialogue with invited guests and the audience […] Read more – ‘Susi & Gabi’s Salon (2011- ongoing)’.
Neat Timothy
  Neat Timothy is a collective of artists comprising Seke Chimutengwende, Gareth Green, and Jane Leaney, Rick Nodine, Bryony Perkins and Gabriele Reuter. Neat Timothy are dancers, actors, musicians and technicians. They weave broken stories, dance animal rituals, sing quiet scenes and light up the dark. Every movement, word, note, and light is carefully improvised. […] Read more – ‘Neat Timothy’.