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foto: Florian Thiele

Inventory / (Räumung)

Choreography/Performance: Gabriele Reuter
Dramaturgy: Michael Pinchbeck
Light: Wassan Ali
Music: Simon & Garfunkel, Johannes Batesaki

Length: ca. 35min

supported by Dance 4, Tanzfabrik Berlin & Phorms School Berlin Mitte

"A true discovery" -Martin del Amo/realtimearts

"unpretentious & self-ironical" - Birgit Schmalmack/

In this solo, a performer explains her world in word and gesture. She opens invisible doors, explores empty places and uncovers forgotten corners. Blending text and movement with philosophies on time and space, Inventory/Räumung investigates the process of continuous listing, defining dance and the space in which we dance. Charming, humorous and honest, this piece is a personal journey across a completely empty stage.

Inventory/(Räumung) was developed in 2008, during two residencies at Dance4 in Nottingham and Tanzfabrik Berlin.

Michael Pinchbeck on `Inventory/ (Räumung)´

“This is the space where I tell you something personal. I have worked with Gabriele Reuter as a dramaturg on Inventory/(Räumung) and we talked a lot about space. The space between her hands. The space between her and the audience. The space between her in the studio making the piece and her in the performance space now. The space between the process and the product.

Räumung  translates into English as something like a house clearance and this is a fitting analogy for the way in which Gabriele empties the space for us. Unpacking and demystifying the preconceptions of performance codes we sometimes bring with us into the seats in which we sit. ‘Before I start I want to talk a little bit about the spatial arrangements here’ she says when we arrive.

Props, text, political and cultural thinking are all laid bare in the same way Peter Brook did in the seventies - except they are not there. Brook said ‘I can take any empty space and call it a bare stage’ (Brook 1968). What Gabriele does is take a bare stage and call it an empty space. In doing so, she excels in problematising and itemising a space’s extraordinary potential as material.

This is a space for the dance that talked about the thing she just said. This is a space where the dance talks and the space understands. This is the space between me and you. This is the space where I tell you something personal.”

Previous performances:


spring loaded season at
Robin Howard Dance Theatre

Triple Bill with Rachel Krische and Eade & Perkins
The Place, London

Moviemiento6 Festival

Double Bill with Javiera Peón-Veiga
Teatro Camino, Santiago de Chile


nottdance08 Festival

Lakeside Theatre, Nottingham (UK)


Final work in progress showing
as part of Tanzfabrik "Sommerresidenzen" with Javiera Peón-Veiga

Hamburg -  K73
Kaltstart Theatre Festival

Nottingham -  Preset, Dance 4 Studio
Residency showing

Nottingham - Sandfield Theatre
Dance4 sharing platform


Berlin - BAT Theatre
Hausmontag, Ernst Busch University

video links:

Nottdance08 trailor

excerpt of Inventory/Räumung at Movimiento6 festival (Santiago de Chile 2009)



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