Navigating the Gap

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Online Workshops on 26.9. and 3.10.2020

for Tanzfabrik Berlins Virtual Workshop Series 

Opening up to not knowing is one of the main gifts of improvisation and embodied practices. In these workshop sessions we draw upon this knowledge and seek ways to move it into action. We use simple tools from dance improvisation and somatic practices to help us to be present in our bodies when we find ourselves in the unknown. We then employ frameworks and tools from co-design processes that can help us to understand what is the work that each of us needs to do – individually and collectively – to move into a state of doing. We meet online to be together when connecting into the body and we go offline to make sense of this embodied knowledge right outside of our doorsteps. We write, draw, talk, listen and decide for action. We ask for help, we support each other. We move to think.

Sa 26.9. 3-6pm (CET) #1 Heart at work
The heart is busy connecting out all the time. It is the brain of our body that is responsible for empathy and compassion, with ourselves and with others. We need it to work harder in times of distancing and disconnection. So we need to train this muscle and our capacity to sense in and connect out. Which daily practice can we build for ourselves to train the heart and its potential to navigate us through moments of gap?

Sa 3.10. 3-6pm (CET) #2 Dear Gravity
Gravity is our faithful companion all of the time. Even before we are born, it is acting on us. Insisting on keeping us connected to this doomed planet. Dancing with gravity through our bones and tissues can help us to be present. How can we make use of this intelligence in our every day needs to hold spaces of tension, of confusion, of not knowing?

Open level, taught in English

Costs for both sessions: 75€ (65€*early booking rate until 12.9.)
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single session : 40€
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image by FUKX, foto by Gabriele Reuter