Hidden Spaces #1 : Sneinton (2014)

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Hidden Spaces #1 (c) Heather Forknell

Hidden Spaces #1 (c) Heather Forknell

A collaboration with sound designer / composer Mattef Kuhlmey (D).

This sound installation invites its audience on a choreographed sound journey through several rooms and back corridors of the former factory building Alfred House in Sneinton Nottingham (Backlit Gallery).

Urban sounds, historical recordings and interviews with local residents will bring the building’s hidden spaces and the surrounding neighbourhood to life. Triggering collective and individual memory, the installation focuses on Nottinghams districts Sneinton and St Ann’s key historical shifts from the 1930’s until today.

Saturday 6  & Sunday 7 September 2014


Backlit Gallery

Ashley Street,  Nottingham

Commissioned by Dance 4, supported by Backlit Gallery, Confetti Students and Arts Council of England.

Some comments by visitors..

Thank you for this beautiful journey. It’s amazing to just listen, using my ears, its very simple but somehow unusual for me to just do that.

There is something really peaceful about sitting alone in the nooks and crannies of the building and being let into a history created through memory. It felt real and tangible. Glad I came!

Lovely snippets of history. I had fun listening to everyones stories and visualizing their faces.

images Ⓒ Heather Forknell