Design Thinking-led facilitation/Coaching

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As a multiple career changer in between various artistic and humanities disciplines, with intensive insights into the start-up cultures for social innovation and education, as a pedagogue, mentor and moderator and design-thinker, I see my core competence in interdisciplinary communication and collaboration – in emphatic mediation between worlds. I source my artistic and creative inspiration from in the practice and teaching of improvisation as a stage, as a life path. As a constant companion in the challenge of being open to change at any moment and to deal proactively, humorously and spontaneously with decision making and group dynamics.

Since its founding in 2017, I have also been part of Onda, an interdisciplinary collective founded in São Paulo and Berlin, and since then has created and facilitated creative processes in São Paulo, Berlin and Rotterdam for various organizations and companies. In the area of ​​Experience Design, we develop courses, workshops and various intensive formats for interdisciplinary exchange such as design sprints and co-working camps. www.onda.site