Skills Exchange : Onda Convida

Posted in Design Thinking

Onda Convida is a series of interdisciplinary skills exchange events, each hosted by a guest facilitator whose professional background lays at the intersections between different professional fields. This one-day event aims to create new intersections, foster networking and create touchpoints for collaboration. Thinking beyond pre-existing professions and disciplines is key to find innovative solutions for common challenges and broaden the skills base of each participant. The edition at Espacio Capital 35 in São Paulo (February 2018), was hosted by Gabriele Reuter and invited professionals from the fields of Architecture, Urbanism, Performing Arts, Experience Design, Cultural and Public Management for input and exchange. Together with Caio Werneck of Onda, she co-facilitated the creation of a collaborative map of the different skills, establish intersections and potential for cross-referencing of knowledge and skills. A session for anyone interested in or already working across the invited disciplines.

Group size:  8-20 participants