Salon Raumverstehen (2021)
im KulturinstitutMobil (KIM) Salon Raumverstehen understands urban space as a moving organism. Like in an urban environment dance, body and place are in a direct sensual relationship to each other. The visible and invisible power structures of urban spaces, the everyday struggle for living space and quality of life and the sensitive dynamics between the […] Read more – ‘Salon Raumverstehen (2021)’.
Das Morgen an der Ecke (2021)
(tomorrow at the corner) Multimedia performative city walk for a young audience. Collaborative production process in which young people and a group of interdisciplinary artists have work together to understand the city of tomorrow. Concept/direction/choreography: Gabriele Reuter & Gabriel Galindez CruzTexts: Gabriele Reuter and pupils Performers: Pupils from class 7 of the St. Franziskus School […] Read more – ‘Das Morgen an der Ecke (2021)’.
Zwischen Macht und Zweifel (2023)
Listening Bodies Projects An audio tour that is also an artistic performance. The audience is also the performer. On this unusual journey through the Humboldt Forum, participants encounter the recent history and architecture of this place with a special focus on the body and the senses. They will be accompanied by a choreography of sound […] Read more – ‘Zwischen Macht und Zweifel (2023)’.
Navigating the Gap
Online Workshops on 26.9. and 3.10.2020 for Tanzfabrik Berlins Virtual Workshop Series  Opening up to not knowing is one of the main gifts of improvisation and embodied practices. In these workshop sessions we draw upon this knowledge and seek ways to move it into action. We use simple tools from dance improvisation and somatic practices […] Read more – ‘Navigating the Gap’.
Workshops for social innovation, science and interdisciplinary research
an overview of current workshop and training offers… Read more – ‘Workshops for social innovation, science and interdisciplinary research’.
Future Narratives – Creative Presenting with Future Scenarios
This two-day workshop is aimed at participants who are in concrete planning or implementation phases of their own project ideas. It combines the development of future scenarios of your own project with inputs and key impulses for presenting and pitching. The goal is to acquire a fresh look at your own project within a short […] Read more – ‘Future Narratives – Creative Presenting with Future Scenarios’.
Group Genius – Creative Collaboration & Teambuilding
Collaboration + Improvisation = Innovation. This two-day workshop combines practical impulses from Gabriele’s many years of experience in group improvisation for the stage with movement and spoken word for the stage with the most relevant work approaches and exercises on teambuilding in the field of design thinking. In the spirit of improvisation existing structures, habits […] Read more – ‘Group Genius – Creative Collaboration & Teambuilding’.
Skills Exchange : Onda Convida
Onda Convida is a series of interdisciplinary skills exchange events, each hosted by a guest facilitator whose professional background lays at the intersections between different professional fields. This one-day event aims to create new intersections, foster networking and create touchpoints for collaboration. Thinking beyond pre-existing professions and disciplines is key to find innovative solutions for […] Read more – ‘Skills Exchange : Onda Convida’.
Workshops & Classes
Contact Improvisation has informed and clarified my practice as a contemporary dancer for over twenty years now. My teaching reflects this by exchanging information between Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance and everyday life. It aims to support a ready and safe practice that allows for a playful virtuosity in movement, both inside and outside the studio […] Read more – ‘Workshops & Classes’.
Cuerpo Sur Intensive “Cuerpo Especifico” at Universidad Austral de Chile (Valdivia) – 2017
This intensive course held at the Architecture Faculty of Universidad Austral de Chile with students from architecture, music, visual arts and independent artists of Valdivia was organized by the University’s own interdisciplinary performance group Cuerpo. Every day the students worked both physically and through readings and conversation of the topic of embodiment, composition in space and […] Read more – ‘Cuerpo Sur Intensive “Cuerpo Especifico” at Universidad Austral de Chile (Valdivia) – 2017’.
Design Thinking-led facilitation/Coaching
As a multiple career changer in between various artistic and humanities disciplines, with intensive insights into the start-up cultures for social innovation and education, as a pedagogue, mentor and moderator and design-thinker, I see my core competence in interdisciplinary communication and collaboration – in emphatic mediation between worlds. I source my artistic and creative inspiration […] Read more – ‘Design Thinking-led facilitation/Coaching’.
Zeitwanderung – Berlin (2018)
“Zeitwanderung” was a guided tour through the city in the frame of “Remembering the Future – 40 years of Tanzfabrik Berlin and Open Spaces/Sommer Tanz 2018. More than 50 participants took part in this big group journey by foot and train across the districts Kreuzberg, Tiergarten and Wedding on the trail of Berlin’s recent dance history. On the […] Read more – ‘Zeitwanderung – Berlin (2018)’.
Hidden Traces – London (2016)
Hidden Traces is a collaboration between Gabriele Reuter and Mattef Kuhlmey. It is a sound journey discovering the streets around The Place. It is a self-guided tour for all ages, tracing the many identities of this ever-changing neighbourhood throughout the past decades and into the present. Childhood memories of local residents from the 1950s onwards are […] Read more – ‘Hidden Traces – London (2016)’.
Susi & Gabi’s Salon (2017)
Susi & Gabi’s Salon is a performance format for discussion and exchange between audience and performers – between chaos and plan, play without limits, imprography and choreosation, discovering impossible questions and astonishing answers. In this special edition of their salon, Susanne Martin and Gabriele Reuter devote themselves to the phenomena of contemporary dance and its […] Read more – ‘Susi & Gabi’s Salon (2017)’.
The Amplitude – Lecture (2016)
A collaboration with sound artist Mattef Kuhlmey (GER) Part sound technology lecture, part dance performance, this is a lecture about sound and space. Scientific knowledge, practical demonstrations, individual and collective experiments will help to understand how acoustic waves work, how they shape and reshape the empty space around us. Together with the audience, we investigate […] Read more – ‘The Amplitude – Lecture (2016)’.
The Amplitude – Performance (2016)
A collaboration with sound artist Mattef Kuhlmey (GER) Movement and sound collide in space. The empty room is abundant with invisible material. Movement that is heard, felt and sensed in the body. Sound constantly shaping and reshaping the room. By tuning into the simple idea of the acoustic wave, The Amplitude reveals relationship between sound […] Read more – ‘The Amplitude – Performance (2016)’.
Hidden Spaces #1 : Sneinton (2014)
A collaboration with sound designer / composer Mattef Kuhlmey (D). This sound installation invites its audience on a choreographed sound journey through several rooms and back corridors of the former factory building Alfred House in Sneinton Nottingham (Backlit Gallery). Urban sounds, historical recordings and interviews with local residents will bring the building’s hidden spaces and […] Read more – ‘Hidden Spaces #1 : Sneinton (2014)’.
Read more – ‘’.
Tourist (2010)
The English-German co-production ‘tourist’ brings slapstick, loud costumes, impossible magnetisms and large black holes onto the empty space of a stage. ‘tourist’ is a strange visitor to the world of contemporary dance. Three performers invade theatres, audiences, impossible landscapes, imagined territories with humour and resilience, finding themselves out of place and unsettled. Tourist invites the […] Read more – ‘Tourist (2010)’.
Susi & Gabi’s Salon (2011- ongoing)
100 Fragen an die Improvisation – 100 questions to improvisation In 3 pilot editions in summer 2011 Gabriele Reuter and Susanne Martin have tested their Salon, which then went on to a long journey through many theaters and studios in Berlin and on tour in the UK. In dialogue with invited guests and the audience […] Read more – ‘Susi & Gabi’s Salon (2011- ongoing)’.
Inventory/ Räumung (2008)
In this solo, a performer explains her world in word and gesture. She opens invisible doors, explores empty places and uncovers forgotten corners. Blending text and movement with philosophies on time and space, Inventory/Räumung investigates the process of continuous listing, defining dance and the space in which we dance. Charming, humorous and honest, this piece […] Read more – ‘Inventory/ Räumung (2008)’.
Relay (2006)
Two parallel worlds, connected via TV and video links, become a performance space, interface and playground between the audience and performers. RELAY dares you to disguise, transform and question roles, identities and realities, creating a performance unique to the audience on the night.  Determined by your choices and engagement with the performers – your willingness […] Read more – ‘Relay (2006)’.
City Lectures (2008)
In between a performance and a lecture, “Inventory/Itinerant” introduces several thoughts on the spaces we inhabit and the ones we live in. Based on the Solo Inventory/ Räumung, the starting point is a dance piece that is concerned with the spaces of an empty stage. Several experiments in word, movement and image systematically test the […] Read more – ‘City Lectures (2008)’.
Neat Timothy
  Neat Timothy is a collective of artists comprising Seke Chimutengwende, Gareth Green, and Jane Leaney, Rick Nodine, Bryony Perkins and Gabriele Reuter. Neat Timothy are dancers, actors, musicians and technicians. They weave broken stories, dance animal rituals, sing quiet scenes and light up the dark. Every movement, word, note, and light is carefully improvised. […] Read more – ‘Neat Timothy’.
Inventory / Itinerant (2008)
foto: Stephan Grosse Rueschkamp During an initial two week residency at Tanzfabrik Berlin in August 08 we dedicated time to each artist’s individual solo work and had the chance to give and receive feedback and mentoring support through each other. We also found a first joint performance core which was mainly a listing of material […] Read more – ‘Inventory / Itinerant (2008)’.